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You choose from Now!

You choose from now. BEAUTYOU is born from this concept, a new way to make cosmetics.

A brand new and unique philosophy where client is the only one to choose.

It is simple: choose among twenty different active ingredients that suit your needs and your skin best and mix it with other products to create your best cosmetic treatment.

You can also choose beetween ready to go kits or make your own kit!

Beautyou - Customized beauty treatments

How it works.


The Lines

Beautyou is composed by five cosmetic lines and five products for each one: day cream, night cream, anti-aging serum, eye and lip contour cream. The result? Twenty different active ingredients and over a thousand combinations that allow you to change your cosmetic treatment every time you need and that work together to increase their effect on your skin.


Pocket Holder

Insert the products you want and your treatment is ready! Every five products you will receive the handy case to bring your treatment everywhere with you. Yes, in plane too 😉

Shipment is free in Italy and worldwide for orders over 100 USD.

We Deliver in 48h
You can bring in a Plane


Free shipment in Italy and elsewhere over 100 USD
Assured Shipping